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Dehaat Story

1. The Beginning

The seed sprouted in a pot far away from wet soil that it could feel, it wondered where it was? Looking around, it started anticipating and seeing as far as the eyes could reach. It thought to itself, “am I supposed to be here?” And then it started to search for meaning around just like the life of that woman in the village, the way she accepted her life around her children and her husband inside the four walls. It was home, that mattered the most!

2. A desire to grow

As the plant finds its way, it started growing within the boundaries, even in an enclosed space and, inside the four walls. It saw a window one day that gave it a glimpse of sun, and just like the longing of that woman in the village who had a desire to grow under the sun, in the open air with its roots deep-rooted, so much so that it can endure any storm and grow endlessly, the window was an escape for joy and a sign of hope.  

3. Rain of Challenges

All the ardent desire finds its way, the plant-like the woman in that village tried too. That day, the lightning and thunders were howling restlessly and a storm hit. It was a moment of following the window, but it brought the rain of challenges and it felt like the walls cracked opened suddenly when her husband left for the heavenly abode due to cancer. The sense of safety blew with the storm and that is when it broke open and survived. The desire to stand tall is encouraged to face it all, no matter what may come!  

4. Escape for freedom

As it followed the better bent than broken, she stretched herself and escaped the boundaries to face the real world. The crawling insecurities motivated her to escape out of this zone with nothing else, but the will! The will to secure herself and her family. The will to act.

5. Sustained

The other side of the world was less acquainted with the plant, it seemed naturally harsh as the shade blew. And the woman in the village, with all that was coming in her way, she sustained the sun, the rain, the storm and learned to embrace it all. Because it made her strong and gave strength to finally act, for herself and her family.  

6. Growth

The plant didn’t know its ability to gracefully sprout, not in one conventional direction but gently reach every place it can. As the woman started to open her arms; far and wide and sprouted new leaves and branches to welcome more space and freedom. She became the one who endured the sufferings and so she grew out of compassion, and she naturally reached out to everyone like her and supported each one of them!  

7. Flourished under the sun

After planting its roots in the new world, it bloomed new flowers and flourished under the sun. The sun gave that woman the warmth of comfort and since then reminded her of the radiant support she had during her difficult times.  

8. New Sprouts

When the plant is grown in the right ecosystem, it flourishes and expands to embark on its journey. And as the plant grew to sustain its roots, she inspired other women to walk on a similar path, sprout in their own ways, encouraged them to grow strong. This marked the genesis of a community that was motivated to inspire many.  

9. Growing Together

The plant nurtures the ecosystem, it makes and breaks it. The shared motivation and emotional gut encouraged each of them to hold a safe space to grow in its unique form, supporting their direction of expansion and collectively living many lives together.  

10. Garden of stories

One plant at its genesis becomes the garden of stories, now, they have everything that is required to nurture each other and water when in need. The organic garden that has its roots deep-rooted in shared values, blooms more vibrant to become a garden of shared stories. It shall keep reaching out and radiating the positivity. In this way, the garden with all the plants comes to life with its unique journey. And this, we all proudly know as Dehaat Foundation today!  


De’haat begins where possibilities seem to end. It originated in Rural India, where the opportunities for women for earning a livelihood with dignity were limited or non-existent. A school girl Anandam Vidyalay, Pauni, Dist. Bhandara came up with an idea.


In rural India an unskilled women can earn not more than ₹1000 to ₹1500 after ahard day’s manual work. Widows or single mothers are normally abandoned by her family. The first toll this takes is education of her children.


De’haat plans to grow vertically as well as horizontally. Our plan is to create an eco-system for villages. Only handmade products has the potential to create livelihood opportunities and help flourish our rich culture and boost the rural economy.


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Women of Dehaat

They are not just workers but warriors in their own way. They are an inspiration to many more ladies and the youngsters of
Pauni and around to make rural India self-sufficient. They are creating the change that is needed.